Mlavi Asia Collection: Wholesale Wallets, Purses & Pouches Feature Asian Art & Craft Inspired Pints

Mlavi design and wholesale whimsical, beautiful and affordable vegan fashion large flat wallets with Asian art and craft inpsired prints.
Mlavi design and wholesale whimsical, beautiful and affordable vegan fashion small pouches/coin purses with Asian art and craft inpsired prints.

Mlavi's Asia collection was inspired by beautiful art and crafts from East Asian countries including China, Japan and Korea.

East Asian brush painting is an ancient art form originated from China and spread into Japan and Korea which developed their own styles. It's one of the oldest continuous artistic traditions in the world. The painter uses a pointed-tipped brush made of the hair of goats, deer, or wolves set in a shaft of bamboo. Through each brush stroke, artist’s personal feelings about a subject flows onto the silk or a sheet of paper, giving each painting a life of its own. Because the surface of silk and rice paper are quit absorbent, they allow no erasure or correction. The artist must know beforehand what he or she intends to create. The execution demands confidence, speed, and a mastery of technique acquired only by long practice. For example, to broaden the brushstroke, the artist applies downward pressure on the brush. Such subtle action of the highly flexible but carefully controlled brush tip determines the character of the brushwork and is the primary focus of attention of both the artist and critical viewers. As to the subjects, the most popular ones have been landscapes, human figures, animals, fishes, birds and flowers. Hence, there are three main categories as: figure painting, flower and bird painting, and mountain and river painting.

Porcelain was first made in China from the Tang dynasty (618–907). During the Yuan dynasty (1279–1368). During the firing, the temperature can reach 1,450 °C (2,650 °F). The history of Chinese porcelain is as inspiring as its limitless forms, colors and decorations. For example, During Tang dynasty's economic expansion, successful foreign diplomacy as well as artistic and cultural advancements, The first half of the dynasty had an unprecedented rise in the ingenuity and skills of the country’s artisans who strove to meet the rising demands of an affluent and discerning aristocracy. And with the increased exchange with outside of China through the Silk Road, craftsmen came into contact with an abundance of styles and techniques, which they quickly synthesized in creating the aesthetic trends of the period. Sancai wares are best known for their ostentatious decorations and opulence in variety, reflecting the inventiveness of inventiveness of the potters aimed at pushing a medium to its limits. Their vast repertoire of shapes and designs were likely inspired by metalwork, glass, textiles and any other fine materials encountered by Tang craftsmen, and absorbed motifs and design concepts that had arrived in China. While Song dynasty's ceramics were wildly love for their understated beauty. Then came the iconic blue and white porcelain. Arguably no other type of ceramic is more iconic than Chinese blue and white porcelain which the inspiration of underglaze blue decoration was first introduced to China from Persia. Initially adopting Near Eastern shapes and decorative motifs, these wares first became widespread during the cosmopolitan Yuan dynasty. By the Ming dynasty, potters had developed a distinct and confident repertoire of designs. This theme of tradition and innovation continued on in the Qing period, resulting in the wide and varied range of blue and white porcelain we see today. Our collection was inspired by these fascinating Asian art and craft to create these vegan leather wallets, small pouches, makeup pouches and accessories with bold patterns and elegantly balance illustrations. They are available for wholesale to verified retailers (gift shops, fashion accessories and clothing boutiques) and corporate gift buyers. We deliver world wild. They are most suitable for trendy boutiques, gift shops and museum gift stores.

Made with Eco-friendly vegan materials, these fashion accessories are fun, unique, cheerful and affordable. They are available for wholesale to verified retailers (gift shops, clothing and fashion accessories boutiques, book stores, museum and botanical garden gift stores, speciality retailers) and corporate gift buyers. We deliver worldwide since 2001.

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