All For Fun, Fun For All.

LAVISHY was found in 2001 from an apartment close to beautiful High Park in Canada's largest city--Toronto.

We started by importing fun and colorful fashion accessories and worked with sale reps to present our products to retailers all over Canada. The second year in the business, we started launching our own designs becuase we have something to say and we want to say it through our designs. Also from 2002 we started showing our products at trade shows in Canada.

From 2003, we ventured into USA market by presenting our designs at Accessories the show in New York. Our fun, playful and colorful designs caught both retailers and press eyes. From there forward, we work with leading sale rep groups and showrooms, exhibiting at top trade shows in Toronto, New York, London and Paris.

Today, we designs and wholesales fun vegan fashion accessories including bags, wallets, coin purses, travel accessories, tech accessories, fashion jewelry and social stationary. We hope our fun loving attitude and passion for nature shine through these products we create over the years.

LAVISHY unique designs have been seen in leading trade and consumer magazines, newspapers, Hollywood motion pictures, TV shows over 200+ times around the world. You can find our fun and cheerful products in fine gift shops, boutiques, museum gift stores and online shops in Canada, USA, UK, France, Australia, New Zealand and 15+ countries and territories.

LAVISHY wants to create a happy working environment for everyone with us, respected, finacially sound, working with people we like, companies we respect and proud of what we do.

LAVISHY wants to be a good business partner for our retailer customers some of them have been with us since day one we started out. We want to design and create unique, well made, well priced fun fashion accessories and gifts to make their store attractive and profitable.

LAVISHY wants to be a good business partner for our manufacturers that we work with for 10 to 15 years. We want them to have steady business to look after their staffs and proud what they create with us to make the world a happier and prettier place.

LAVISHY wants to make this world a little better place because our existence.

What We Do

In General
LAVISHY designs and dsitributes fun, original, beautiful and affordable fashion accessories and gifts.
LAVISHY believes to design is to express your unique point of view. It is a combination of who you are, what do you care and celebrate, who you want to share your passion and creativity with.
LAVISHY distributes our products through both wholesale and retail. As a wholesaler primarily, LAVISHY sells most of our products to retailers from gift shops (from street front independent gift shops to museum gift shops, to small regional chain gift shops inside shopping malls or on the main streets.), clothing and fashion accessories boutiques, book stores, online stores (ecommerce websites) and speciality retailers, they resell our products to consumers. We also wholesale products to corporate volume buyers and they use them as corporate gifts. LAVISHY also retails our products directly to consumers because our designs have been featured by many leading fashion and lifestyle consumer magazines, trade magazine, newspapers and websites, we set up an online store so readers could buy the items they saw in the press. Then we opened a street front boutique so we could learn from consumers what they want and tested our designs. As more and more physical retail stores close their doors over the year, it is more and more important for us to have an online store to serve our consumers in the areas no longer have local retailers carry LAVISHY designs.
Fun & Functional
Many LAVISHY designs feature fun and playful themes from puppy dogs to sassy pinup girls, from rainbow colored popsicle to retro typewriter. You can find many of LAVISHY coin purses can hold not just change but also credit cards and photo ID as well as keys. The wristlet wallets can carry smart phone and with two compartments for different currencies to make travel internationally easy breezy. Many necklaces are reversible with different designs or colors each side while most rings are adjustable so you don't need to worry about size.
LAVISHY believes what you celebrate reflect who you are and what is important to you. Beauty is so important to us. Like Alice Walker said: Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul. LAVISHY wants each and every piece of product we design and distribute is beautiful, joyful and delight your soul.
LAVISHY imagines the earliest fashion accessories are flowers or a beautiful piece of stone. The purpose of having fashion accessories is to celebrate life, beauty and joy. It's not about luxury or social status. So the affordability of our products are essential to us.
To LAVISHY, vegan is about kindness: kind to animal (LAVISHY uses cruelty free none animal materials), kind to the environment(LAVISHY uses Eco-friendly material, some are recycled and some are recyclable), kind to yourself (LAVISHY uses toxic-free safe materials).
Fashion Accessories
LAVISHY designs and wholesales fun vegan fashion accessories including bags, purses, pouches, clutches, wallets, wristlets, coin purses, cardholders, makeup pouches, travel accessories (travel bags, passport wallets, passport covers, jewelry pouches and luggage tags), tech accessories (laptop bags, tablet sleeves and e-reader sleeves), and fashion jewelry (fashion necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, brooches/pins and hair accessories).
A gift or a present is an item given to someone without the expectation of payment or anything in return. The purpose of a gift is to show appreciation and affection. LAVISHY believes what makes a gift great is the value it creates for the person who is on the receiving end, from usefulness to emotional benefits. Therefore LAVISHY always designs our products with love and joy in mind.
About LAVISHY: Kindess is very important to us.