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Unique, Beautiful & Affordable Designer Filigree Earrings

Designed by LAVISHY for wholesale to gift shops, clothing & fashion accessories boutiques, & fun retailers worldwide

Are you ready to add a touch of whimsy & elegance to your boutique or gift shop? At LAVISHY, we've got just the perfect unique, beautiful & affordable designer filligree earrings for your store & customers!

In 2001, after LAVISHY was found, we were looking for inspirations to develop a exceptional & exquisite fashion jewelry collection that will help retailers stand out & enjoy fast sell through & more than average profit margin, while watching a Bollywood movie & amazed by the dazzling actress swirls & twirls, adorned with lovely, mesmerizing filigree earring, these images were ignited a spark in our designer's mind – why not craft lightweight yet intricate earrings that let fashionistas everywhere shine without any discomfort? And so, in 2003, the delightful Funkii collection came to life!

Thanks to cutting-edge laser technology, LAVISHY has turned this whimsical idea into reality. Our Funkii collection boasts original, breathtaking filigree pendants transformed into exquisite earrings & matching necklaces.

A Symphony of Creativity: Funkii Collection Unveiled

Funkii collection by LAVISHY invites you to explore a world of originality, uniqueness, & affordability. Since its inception, Funkii collection has reigned as LAVISHY's most sought-after fashion jewelry collection – & for a good reason! With nods to vintage Moroccan, French, Italian, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, & British designs, as well as nature's own wonders like flowers, butterflies, & birds, each Funkii design tells a captivating story. These delicate pieces come in silver, gold, & black, offering a versatile range that suits every style.

Embrace the Buzz: Why Funkii Collection Stands Out

Our Funkii collection has gained substantial recognition from the press, making it a global sensation. What's the secret behind its appeal? A blend of original designs, impeccable craftsmanship, intricate detailing, feather-light comfort, & prices that'll leave you pleasantly surprised. Don't take our word for it – check out the glowing review by an award-winning retailer, featured in Canada's premier gift industry magazine.

Retailers, this is your playground! With over 100 original designs to choose from, Funkii collection caters to your diverse audience. We're committed to keeping things fresh, introducing new designs every season since its inception. Whether your retail space is expansive or cozy, you can offer these astonishing earrings & necklaces, securing great profit margins & witnessing exceptional per square foot sales.

Where Elegance Meets Convenience: Your Wholesale Destination

LAVISHY proudly extends our warm welcome to retailers of all kinds – from charming main street gift shops to artful museum gift shops, vibrant botanical garden stores, bustling airport boutiques, & chic fashion accessory emporiums. Even online stores find their perfect match in Funkii collection, thanks to its unique & alluring designs, super affordable price points, compact retail footprint & low minimum order requirements.

For new wholesale customers try out thses uncommon & splendid filigree earrings, we offer custom displays & prepack assortments as starter packages. It's your chance to explore the magic of Funkii collection firsthand.

Newer & Better: Abiya Collection Elevate Styles

Once we introduced the Funkii collection to the UK & France, dazzling audiences at premier trade expos like the Autumn Fair Birmingham, Top Drawer London, & Maison&Objet Paris, we found ourselves inundated with requests. Discerning fine & prestigious boutiques yearned for a more refined iteration of our beloved Funkii collection. Thus, the Abiya collection joined our offerings. Infused with elevated intricacies & adorned in the elegance of silver & 12k gold plating, these filigree earrings from the Abiya collection achieved instant acclaim from the moment they made their debut. Our Funkii collection's sensational success inspired the birth of grander Abiya collection: meticulously crafted with heightened intricacy, superior craftsmanship, & impeccable finishing. These resplendent pieces have graced the stages of leading trade shows in New York, Paris, London, Toronto, Vancouver, & Los Angeles.

Welcome to a World of Convenience: Order Wholesale Online

Ready to amplify your retail offerings? Placing wholesale orders for these filigree earrings has never been easier. LAVISHY now offers a seamless online ordering experience, so gift shop aficionados, fashion accessory enthusiasts, & clothing boutique connoisseurs can access these treasures at their fingertips by visiting register to open a wholesale account then you can order these lovely creations.

Dive In: LAVISHY's Whimsical World Awaits

Whether you're seeking that perfect addition for your jewelry collection to enhance your style & charm, or a thoughtful gift for your family or friends that you love, LAVISHY's online boutique is your haven. Embark on a journey through our enchanting offerings & bring a touch of elegance to your life & look at LAVISHY Boutique.

Unique Selling Points Make Funkii Collection International NO.1 Best Selling Fashion Jewelry Collection

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